Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did you guys know that I have children?

Jacket: Gap // Button Up: Target // Jeans: Gap // Boots: Sperry (my sister's) // Clutch: Gap // Necklace: Calista Grand 

Did you guys know I have children? Sike! I don't have children. But my dogs are basically my children. I'm starting to realize that I'm the equivalent to a crazy cat person. But I think society will accept me more because its dogs and not cats.... Sorry to all you cat ladies. 

I'm also learning that I don't know how to dress for the weather. Yesterday it was super gloomy and rainy and I wore the worst shoes and had nothing to keep me from getting wet. Today, I wore boots and had an umbrella ready thinking that it was supposed to be the same type of weather, but instead, it was hot(ish) and muggy. Learn to check the weather before you walk out the door, Grace. 

Also another thing that I'm starting to see is that the benefits of having a younger sister are starting to pay off. She's finally my size and my mom still buys her cute stuff. Meaning my mom buys me cute stuff. I kid, my sister is more than just another closet to me. Its just a nice perk to having a sister. 

*photo credit to elena potter

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Wants

1. An adorable mint sweater (similar). 
2. Thin gold ring
3. The perfect chambray
4. The Brenda shoe. 
5. Some of my favorite colors for maxi skirts.
6. Jean shorts for summer. 

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Between not having anyone to take pictures of me and the crappy weather, it just has not been happening. But hopefully now that May is around the corner, maybe it'll finally start being spring around here. Anyways.... All these items are things that I have been eyeing up lately! It becomes a dangerous thing when you have time on the Internet. I literally catch myself adding items to my online shopping bags. Sadly, I rarely go through with the actual purchase. Hope you all had a good weekend! I'd love to know what you guys want to splurge on! 

Friday, April 19, 2013


Finally it's Friday! Does anyone else feel like this week has been abnormally long? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Clutches and Girl Crushes.

 Dress: H&M  Jacket: Similar   Clutch: Target  Shoes: Target  Watch: Fossil

This look is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers (and girl crush), Kendi Everyday. If you haven't stumbled upon her blog before, then now is the time. Her style is so effortless and easy. But it's also very well put together and she never looks sloppy. Plus, she is so witty in her writing, she always makes me smile. 

I love this clutch! I saw it at Target and could not convince myself to leave without it. Unfortunately, I typically can't convince myself to walk away from much. What can I say, I'm weak willed when it comes to fashion. Go ahead, judge me. I have no shame. The fun part about this clutch is that it can also be turned into an iPad case. Not that I have one. But if I ever get one, I'll have this cute iPad case to cover it with. Always thinking ahead. 

P.S. It's almost the weekend! Holla! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaack.

Dress: H&M (similar)   Belt: Thrifted   Necklace: Old Navy  Sandals: Target  Ring: Francesca's  Bracelet: F21
Okay, so I’m trying this whole blogging thing again. I guess before, I quit for a lot of reasons. I felt like I wasn’t quite qualified to be a blogger. I felt like my face wasn’t photogenic, I didn’t look good in clothes like other people, and that I can’t write blogging material. The other day, it kinda just hit me. Why the heck does it matter? Who cares if I’m not good enough! I just want to document what I love doing, which is wearing/buying clothes. So here I am. Blogging. 
Most people say that you need a LBD in your closet. I agree. Except instead of little, I choose long. I love my long maxi dress! If I could wear it everyday, I would. But then, what else would I show you guys? I have a short, stubby type of body. So this dress works wonders for me. I feel thin and long in it. I’m all about pieces of clothing that basically works magic on my figure. So ladies, if you ate an entire box of oreo cookies and drank a whole bottle of wine last night, don’t worry about it. Just wear a LBD. 
ps. I’m not very camera-savvy (if you could’t tell from the crooked and blurry pics), so bare with me as I get my crap together and figure this out.